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Jadran_Externals_bwIn 1914 a young teenage boy by the name of Vladimir (Wally is the English version) Radojkovich arrived in Western Australia from Croatia, formerly Yugoslavia, with his cousin, leaving behind his family. After settling in Orange Grove he found employment at the Orange Grove Blue Rock Quarry doing hard labour splitting rocks, and after several years of working at the quarry, Wally brought 22 acres of land with the intention of establishing a vineyard and creating a winery, Wally named the winery Jadran after treasured memories of a beautiful piece of coastline very close to where he was born in a village on the Dalmatian Coast.

While the grapevines were establishing themselves, Wally created a huge market garden growing everything from beans, peas, potatoes and melons; this supplemented his income which provided for his family of four. In 1929 along with his hard working young wife Reda, Jadran wines were established. Wally created fortified and table wines. In 1967, Wally’s eldest son Stephen stepped into the business in assisting his father in the wine making, whilst Wally won many gold medals for his fortified wines, Stephen created another selection of wines that was very successful within the wines shows of Australia. Hence, the reason Jadran Wines are still so successful today, their selection is enormous.

In 1990, another generation of the Jadran Wines establishment, Wally’s grandson Paul, arrived with a new passion and creativity in winemaking and marketing.  Paul has added another dimension to the flavours of the table wines and a modern take on today’s wine palates keeping Jadran Wines up to date in a very competitive industry.  Paul has also won many medals in the Wine Show Circuits all over Australia, giving Jadran the exposure it truly deserves. There are many stories to tell, too numerous to mention, but in the end it is still a family owned business, over three generations offering quality wines and friendly service. Stephen and Paul offer generous tastings of their wines when visiting the winery. Well known for their friendly chats and sharing information about their wonderful selection of wines!


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